Preparing for Ramadan

There’s something about nights in Ramadan, everything is so peaceful and soothing. My heart yearns for that feeling everyday. May Allah SWT allow us all to have a successful and beneficial Ramadan. Change now, repent now, pray now, don’t wait until its too late. Many people change only during Ramadan, but why not before? Begin too fast on Monday’s and Thursday’s, start offering your salats on time and consistently. Read Quran more, and try to cut out music completely.

“May this Ramadan teach us a lot of things. I pray this Ramadan changes us, physically, mentally and emotionally. I pray Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala gives us a chance to get closer to Him. Use this Ramadan as a chance to make amends with those who you no longer talk to, ask for forgiveness and forgive. May we all be given a chance to change ourselves and repent” – herblankcanvas

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